Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Sample Week @ XLRI

It all began on the 2nd of August, Sunday at 3:00 P.M, once I returned from the Village trip. I knew that the following week was going to be tough since we had 19 classes scheduled in 4 days(each class is 1.5 hours)+2 quizzes scheduled. But nothing prepared me for 26 unread messages in my inbox most of which were regarding some or the other assignment/presentation to be submitted in a span of a day or two! I'd like to term this as a B-shock :D

The shocks were as follows:

  1. A Managerial Communication interview exercise scheduled right in the morning, and no way our group could take it lightly unless we wanted to face the wrath of Father Jesurajan.
  2. Fundamentals of Labour Law: Make a group presentation on CLRA Act, 1970. Needless to say, it required effort.
  3. Study for the Eco Quiz which was of PRIMARY importance considering that I'd got a 3/15 and 0/5 in the quizzes, and was amongst the lowest in my class :D
  4. Study for the Industrial Relations class coz the Prof is a staunch believer in the machinery of surprise quizzes.
  5. Read up some random case on job analysis for the Fundamentals of HR class.

How it turned out:

The B-shock was beyond my wildest dreams.

  1. I managed to arouse the wrath of Father Jesurajan by scoring a grandiose 22/100 in the interview exercise. Damn, I must have been good or what :D
  2. Our group wasn't asked to present the CLRA Act but the Prof nevertheless grilled me on a simple question which I failed to answer. Worst part is when I remember the answer outside the class and delude myself into thinking how smart I am.
  3. Screwed up the Eco quiz completely which has thereby ensured that I will not cross the double digit figure in Eco EVER.
  4. The 5 class a day drill transformed me into a zombie. At the end of it all, I had no feeling, no sensation, no sense of my identity whatsoever.

There are positives in everything and there were some to take out of this too! My body is now completely attuned to all kinds of shit. I can sleep for 2 hours a day or not sleep at all and can successfully remain awake for the whole of the next day in all the classes. I need minimum nutrition, can remain a social outcast and generally role play a zombie with complete ease. Marks don't affect me and I can get over a screwed quiz within a matter of seconds. Why? Because misery loves company and I don't have to look to far to find one of my cult!

You'd be mistaken to think that a 3 day weekend would have rejuvenated me. Far from that, the weekend just seemed like a momentous occassion for all the Profs to burden us with more work, if that were possible. Ah well, the concept of a "Week" no longer holds any significance for me.

In the end, as one of the Profs here very aptly put,

"When rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy."

Adios :-)


  1. Dude, you have a very well developed writing style. Your sentences are complete and your thoughts flow so well that your post comes across as being very well structured.

    You should write more often. :)

    PS: I think I remember this week, or was it some other week? I made an entry about it before the week started and after it ended. :D

  2. Thanks dude :)
    Yeah I read your post about that week too, but I think it was some other one...

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