Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Very Nice Quote

"Why of sheep do we not learn peace?
Because I don't want you to shear my fleece."

Hehe. How beautifully the quote has captured the essence of Man.

I got the results of my OB quiz today. 430/650. I wonder why Professor ISF opts for such a marking scheme. I wonder if there is some behavioral tendency which comes into effect once the total is elevated to such high levels!

Just got done with a wonderful class on Labour Laws. Never imagined I would be studying Law and liking it. The greatness of Professor P.K Padhi and his unique style goes a great way in explaining my liking for the subject. 1.5 hours of total concentration and complete understanding. Long time since I had that. Matter of fact, first time :D

'Til later.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Beginning

With all humility and complete surrender, I bow down to the Almighty and hereby begin my written journey.

After lots of contemplation, loads of mood swings and overcoming the gargantuan factor of laziness within me, I have officially arrived!

How wonderful and lovely everything feels at the start of anything! It's a pretty awesome feeling, really. The start of any activity holds a promise within, which sometimes(most times, in my experience) is far more important and far more beautiful a journey than the actual fulfillment of the same promise. An apt quote which I read in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Pirsig was "Sometimes, it is better to travel than to arrive".

Why does this happen? Is it a general feeling, or am I built this way? I am sure the degree to which this phenomenon occurs varies a lot but I believe it exists nevertheless. Some people really convince themselves that 'This is what I always wanted, so I might as well be happy with it', fully aware of the fact that they are indeed, not happy. And by happy, I mean a near-permanent state of the 'feel-good' feeling which arises naturally, not by conditioning or coercing oneself. On ocassion, after any achievement, there is a time lag, between the feeling of elatedness and the feeling of eventual despair. Well, despair would be too strong a word, but you get what I mean. Why does this feeling arise? Because the result has not conformed to our expectations. Aaah, 'Expectation', another beautiful word which can make and break universes of people.

Most of us are result-driven people. I have yet to come across a person who remains unaffected by result. And by unaffected, I definitely do not mean indifference. Many people have this ability to behave like ducks above water( I possess the ability :D), with their feet fluttering away to glory beneath the surface, giving the outside world the impression of ever-lasting peace. That's rubbish. What I mean is detachment. Fine line between that and indifference but it's a huge difference once you realise the greatness of detachment.

I have observed that the moment a person associates himself with any particular action, the result of that action shall bear upon him with full force. Could be a happy result or a sad one. In other words, as I dig deeper, I find the concept of Ego coming forth.
Hmm, enough for now, shall be continued.

Till next time, Adios!